Domeless Titanium Nail GR2 fits 14&18 UNIVERSAL TitanOwl V0



New Design from TitanOwl, a Universal Nail made of Titanium Grade 2
It can fit to 14mm and 18mm either male or female by switching its plugs.
Easy to clean, all parts can be detached and cleaned, specially the bowl.
Stainless steel wax dabber is included in the package :)
This 5-Piece nail has two plugs, one acts as male (14/18) and the other as female (14/18)
The female plug can be flipped in order to switch between 14 and 18.
No clogging at all as it has a wide take-in channel, the shaft has two different ends, the end that has cut on it shall be screwed into the bowl base.
It does not need the glass globe.
Apply the flame to the bowl.
Nail's weight is 33g, shaft length is 42mm, and you can extend the length of the male nail up to 60mm if you want to have cooler joint by having the male plug at the bottom of the shaft, check the pictures.

Note: The shaft diameter is 7 mm, please make sure that you don't purchase it for 10 mm stem.

Bowl Outer diameter: 22mm

You will receive:

1- One universal Nail

2- One dabber tool


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