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Domeless Titanium Nail 14 & 18 & 19 mm GR2- Original TitanOwl

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Original TitanOwl comes with wax carving tool and Silicone Container

Domeless Titanium Nail
Grade 2 HQ Titanium - GR2
Stainless Steels CarvingTool included
Non-Stick Concentrate Storage Container, Heat resistant

Fits 14mm and 18mm Female Downstems.
The bowl can be easily unscrewed that helps to adjust the air flow and also clean the Nail better
Apply flame to the bowl while
the ridges distribute heat and protect your glass
No clogging at all as it has a wide take-in channel
It does not need the glass globe
Weight : 1.3oz (37g)
length: 1.9" (4.8cm)
Bowl Outer diameter: 22mm

This is Male Nail, so it goes inside the glass joint.

How to use the Nail:

Never heat up the ridges (fins) as they are for cooling and spreading heat. Due to higher thermal expansion of the metal than glass, it is recommended to heat up the Nail not inside the glass downstem, please heat it up individually then insert it into the Glass downstem. Always make sure that your Domeless Nail is maintaining to stay cool at the joint, to achieve that, avoid heating up the fins, or overheating the Nail.

If the Nail gets stuck in the female joint, leave it there to get cool and then when it is cool, slowly pull it out, never heat up any part near the joint.

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